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Superconducting cyclotron

The CYCLOMED compact cyclotron produces short-lived isotopes to enhances medical nuclear imaging using PET scannig. 

One of the products offered by CYCLOMED to the market is a compact cyclotron type particle accelerator that uses magnets with superconducting technology to produce radioisotopes such as Fluorine 18 and Carbon 11 in order to revolutionize the field of nuclear medicine and open new possibilities for diagnosis and treatment of currently incurable diseases.

Reduced weight and size

CYCLOMED cyclotron is 3 times lighter than traditional non-superconducting cyclotrons.

Lower costs and less need for radiation

This reduction in its dimensions, allows the cyclotron to be installed without the need to build a bunker, which considerably reduces the civil work costs associated with the installation.

Increase in equipment operation

The cooling configuration allows for a reduction in cooling time of 80% of that required in other superconducting cyclotrons.

Single-dose production

Allows production on demand and on site, without having to depend on long planning and waiting times.

Exploit short-lived radiopharmaceuticals

Due to its to consumption center the cyclotron allows the synthesis of very short half-life radioisotopes such as 18F and 11C.

Low erosion source

An ion source is the component of particle accelerators where gas is ionized into plasma, from which charged particles are then extracted for acceleration. Ion sources are mainly used as internal sources in cyclotrons for the production of light positive ions and negative hydrogen. 

In the case of internal ion sources for cyclotrons, due to the internal configuration, with very little space available for coupling the ion sources internally and a very high magnetic field the only internal sources that have been used so far for cyclotrons are the Penning type.

Low maintenance

thanks to the low cathode erosion maintenance is reduced and operating hours are increased.

Low cost

Operating temperatures in the cathodes are lower than in traditional sources facilitating the use of alternative materials.

Higher current

Possibility to extract higher currents than with traditional sources.

CYCLOMED license

For the development and commercialization.

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